Click here and bookmark to my new blogsite!!!

Hey Lunatics! I have an official domain now. If you follow this blog you are going to want to go click on the above link and bookmark that. Also, if you follow through email you will have to click on the link and re-sign up for a new email subscription. We did try and get it to redirect so you wouldn’t have to but that’s not working. So, go and re-enter your email at the new domain so you don’t miss a thing! I will leave this site up for a few weeks, so you all can find your way there, but then I will be deleting this site. Thanks for all your support and I hope you like the new site!

xo Jesi


2 thoughts on “NEW BLOG SITE!!!

  1. Thank you for following my blog..
    I do want to tell you that there MAY be a few days interruption as my daughter is arriving for a short visit after moving from Maine to Texas five years ago. She has an itinerary that is quite full for the days she is here,
    and I am her tour guide !
    The coast of DownEast Maine is gorgeous at the moment and after today’s rain, the forecast is for sunny and cool.
    Thanks again,

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